And got curated for the first time.

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Ever since I got introduced to Medium in 2019, I wanted to write more on this platform. Against popular belief, I didn’t want to write on Medium just because it offered to pay the writers but because it was the only platform, I knew of that didn’t (still doesn’t) profit off of advertisements.

My initial articles were extremely random and didn’t have any specific theme or niche attached to them. Over a few months, I tried to narrow it down and came onto topics like travel, sustainability, writing or creative work like poetry. My goal was to get curated on…

Apply to your dream college without hesitation.

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College application season is about to begin for those aiming to apply for Fall 2022. It's about to get real and yes, it is scary. I think it's time to stop sugarcoating it. Writing a statement of purpose is by far the most daunting aspect of the college application process.

Although it is the most difficult part of the application, it is also the most important. Technical documents like your resume don’t offer the flexibility to talk about your personality or your experiences. The essay is the one place to do it.

But how do you get it right? I…

Here’s what you can do to become a writer

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For the last fifteen years, all I’ve done is write. I wrote poems as a fourth-grader, taglines as a ninth-grader, captions for my photos when social media took over, and finally started writing stories during my freshman year. Let’s be honest though, I wrote secret love letters as a high school girl more than anything else. For most writers, such anecdotes or incidents from their lives define the beginning of a lifelong journey.

This is what it looks like to be a writer

I’m often asked how I write poetry, short stories, articles or blog posts. In other words, my friends, family and colleagues often want to know how I…

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Becoming a Marketing Analyst has emerged on the career plan of many marketers or marketing aspirants recently. The shift that has happened from traditional marketing to digital marketing to the involvement of data in marketing is truly tremendous. In a pool of job options available for marketing roles, there’s a sudden increase in demand for technical skills as the job requirements. Strangely so, the commerce roles are not strictly commerce anymore.

Although we know the requirements and understand the shift in the role well enough, the concept being so fresh and new to the industry, a question often arises in…

The Importance of Marketing Analytics

Customer needs drive the world. Its not unknown that customer is king. Unless something makes the consumer happy — the product, the marketing campaign and the sales strategies are all pointless. That is where digital analytics comes in the picture. Opinions and arguments don’t matter unless there is data available to back the opinion. Understanding the demographics of the users, their behavior, their likes and dislikes can all be done with the help of digital analytics.

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Data is the master of all arguments. Data speaks volumes. We’ve explored the following in this article:

  1. What is Digital Marketing Analytics?
  2. The importance…
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Digital presence of businesses is the single most important aspect of a business’ impact on the market. How it works is important to understand for people who’d like to leverage the effectiveness of Google Ads. The easiest way to find answers for people today is through Google Search. It is the one stop solution for all problems faced by people today.

Lets take a look at the following topics of understanding:

How Google Works?
What is Google Ads?
How do Google Ads work?
Why Google Ads is the Right Thing to do?

How Does Google Work?

Firstly, to understand how Google Ads work, it…

India — The Nation of Tomorrow

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The agenda under the spotlight, however, is that the journey in fact has just begun. The entire world around us recognizes India today as one of most impactful nations across the globe. India is not only a nation of overboiled youth or a multi-diversity culture, but a pool of ideas, development, and progress. From being an underdeveloped country to being declared as the Prosperous and Independent Nation by Donald Trump in 2019, India has led quiet a journey so far. India is progressive. India is futuristic. India is Power.

Even though the youth of India feels comfortable allocating such heavy…

A Short Fictional Story

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I am a writer. I don’t really know what I write about best or who I really am. All I know when someone asks me who I think I am is to tell them that I’m a writer. I don’t know so far what that means to other people. …

Questions in Poetry

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Wake up, Grab, wash, walk, talk, pass, tred or sleep again.
Most of us don’t even care as much as a thread strain.
Split, face, meet, waste!
Or turn and communicate!
Learn, gain, search, don’t let it be in vain!
Follow, think, achieve and feel, laugh, jump, or just miss the concept!
Why, am I even asking, right?
Is it scary or its just my fright?
Do I know, or I don’t, I grow or I won’t?
Do I say or I pray or I mourn to their tone?
Do I feel or steal?
or kneel to his deal?
Why, I ask are they all quite?
Is it a protest, revolt, revolution or…

A Poem About Independent Women

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Every now and then they’d call me in
To make the trap all spin and make me fall within
But it ain’t happening no more
I’m not a fool anymore
I won’t quit it all down
Or smash it around
Whatever it takes
However hard the way they make
I’m not gonna fall
Or stumble at all
I’ll make way for myself
Not be a slaving elf
What they’ll have is what they never seek
They’re gonna have to weep
For the world they offer is not for me
I’m gonna reach where I want to be
No cliché no paths will I follow
Their prides, they’re gonna have to swallow
And one day they’ll know
You get whatever…

Shubhrika Dogra

Writer & Digital Marketer

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