Becoming a Marketing Analyst: How to Reach This Role in 2021

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Becoming a Marketing Analyst has emerged on the career plan of many marketers or marketing aspirants recently. The shift that has happened from traditional marketing to digital marketing to the involvement of data in marketing is truly tremendous. In a pool of job options available for marketing roles, there’s a sudden increase in demand for technical skills as the job requirements. Strangely so, the commerce roles are not strictly commerce anymore.

Although we know the requirements and understand the shift in the role well enough, the concept being so fresh and new to the industry, a question often arises in the minds of young aspirers. That being, how one can actually reach the role of becoming a marketing analyst. The reason that I understand this question so well is because I am one of the curious ones for that. I actually found a path though.

Begin with research. As a marketing analyst, it will go a long way.

  1. Skills needed for the role.
  2. Number of jobs available of the said role in your area (location).
  3. Average annual salary offered for the role — check whether it matches your expectations.
  4. First step you need to take to start your journey for reaching the role.

Understand the job description well.

That’s it. That honestly is it! I found this extremely appropriate job description with a bunch of other details like the annual average salary, the job listings available for the role and most importantly — how I could actually reach the role on the platform JobTrees.

Use data as the base for all your decision making.

Finding that promising data however, is a lengthy process. Nonetheless you do find it eventually.

The recent data that I took into consideration to understand the growth rate of the job role said that currently, there are about 20016 job openings available in the US for a marketing analyst. Now that is promising data. It also told me that the average time spent by a marketing analyst in the same role is about 1.7 years. In addition to that, the annual average salary of a marketing analyst in the US as of now is $66,000.

But the path still needed to be understood for reaching the role.

Figure out your own path by relying on the data.

Based off of over 4,000 job roles contributing to a data chart, JobTrees helped me figure out where I must begin.

The interesting part for me of the chart was the fact that each contributing job role was seen to be the prior experience of about 2.50% of the people who made it to becoming a marketing analyst after spending time as a marketing manager, data analyst, risk analyst, marketing executive or more.

Finding the right path for yourself however is a completely individualistic experience. Find your job role or the right fit for yourself on JobTrees as well.

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